I’m a Lecturer in English and American Literature and Culture at the University of Giessen (Germany). My book, The Politics of Style: Towards a Marxist Poetics, is forthcoming from Brill in 2016. As of September 2016, I shall be a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Centre for World Literatures at the University of Leeds, where I shall carry out research as part of a Leverhulme project entitled “Traumatic Pasts, Cosmopolitanism, and Nation-Building in Contemporary German and South African Literature.” My research will focus on depersonalization and “indifferent cosmopolitanism” in contemporary German, South African and (francophone) Algerian literature. My other research interests include Social Reproduction Theory, world-ecology, the Anthropocene, and materialist ethics.

In addition, I work as a freelance writer, literary critic and translator, and am on the “Comité scientifique” of the French online journal of Marxist theory, Revue Période. Together with Terry Craven, I am in the process of founding a small, independent publishing house: Breach Press.

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